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Julius Rooymans

“Many people use light to make something visible.

Maar licht is juist hetgeen dat het verhaal vertelt.”

Julius Rooymans is an artist who tells his stories by producing large-scale photographs. His artworks are overflowing with scenes, atmosphere and symbolism. 

Creating his enormous works of art requires an enormous amount of production time and craftsmanship. Julius has gathered an extensive team of professionals for this purpose. What binds them is that they are driven, have a positive attitude and great skills.


Jessica Karelsen

One of these professionals is a very special one and that is Jessica Karelsen. Jessica is the driving force behind the scenes of Julius' voluminous creations. 

Driving forces are positive, decisive, precise and driven.

Jessica Karelsen is all this.

If you want to work with Julius, you also work with Jessica.

Together they form a golden duo and bring a lot of energy, dynamism and creativity. 

Would you like to buy a work of art by Julius Rooymans? Are you looking for a collaboration with Julius?  Or would you like to receive more information about the art project Shadow of the Master that can be seen in the AFAS Theater in Leusden?


Mail or call Jessica Karelsen

+31 (0)6 -11 29  19 54

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