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Susan Sontag


De Hoorn des Overvloeds

In Greek mythology, the Cornucopia is the horn of the goat Amalthea, who nursed Zeus on Crete.


In thanks, Zeus placed her in the sky as a constellation and her horn gave its holder whatever he or she desired.


We leven in een tijd waarin bijna alles kan en bijna alles mag, met een overvloed aan mogelijkheden, keuzes, spullen en data. Maar de mechanismen die we hebben geleerd in tijden van schaarste kunnen ons niet helpen in tijden van overvloed.


How can we approach our current challenges, such as the changing earth and the gap between rich and poor, from a perspective of abundance? Can we make a switch from taking to giving?


After 75 years of peace, consumer society and globalization, the culture is leveling off. We live in the discomfort of too many choices, of a loss of peace, of stress and burnout. We see that wealth is not distributed fairly and feel guilty and powerless. We destroy our environment. Our prosperity does not make us happy and we find it difficult to be proud of ourselves.

We think so strongly in terms of scarcity that even in these times of prosperity we still feel we have to fight for a big car or a second home. Why didn't we work less?

Why has even the time left for ourselves and our friendships become scarce? 

Cornucopia shows with the spatial image outside the fixed frame of the photo that there is more than the thought patterns, attitudes and behaviors that we take for granted and that we no longer doubt. It asks the viewer to question what is happening outside the known. The powerful dark woman who takes wealth in abundance is on shaky legs. 

Out of the box 

The basic photo is not a representation of reality, but shows the story of the maker. If photography cannot show reality, but only the hand of the master, then it is robbed of its status as an objective medium. It is reminiscent of painting that has been declared dead several times since the birth of photography (and has never disappeared, by the way). It seemed to have become superfluous as an eye on the world, because it 'only' had to offer the subjective view of the artist. The inability of this medium to represent reality objectively elevates photography to an art form. Julius 

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