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Pre-order The Shadow of the Master

Pre-order The Shadow of the Master


Pre Order your autographed book and receive 2 invitations before April 11.


The Shadow of the Master is one of the largest Dutch art projects of recent times. With seven wall-sized works of art that tell you about the life and work of famous painters. About 200 extras were involved. Julius Rooymans made the works. A painstaking job, executed with an enormous eye for detail.

The most beautiful stories

A book appears with The Shadow of the Master, which op11 Aprilis being presented. You read the most beautiful stories there. About Mondrian, who danced like a Madonna, about Van Gogh who could wax lyrical about the color of a flower petal, about how great Vermeer owed the baker, about Jan Steen's mega pocket dictionary, about how Rembrandt turned a criminal into a man made, and of course about what all this has to do with the life and work of Julius Rooymans.


'This book takes you like a whirlwind to a hundred, two hundred, even four hundred years ago. And brings you back to the here and now with the same speed.'

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